Doug Fletcher on Marketing Matters


Recently, How Clients Buy co-author, Doug Fletcher, was the guest on the Marketing Matters podcast, a program of Wharton Business Radio. Doug spoke with hosts and marketing professors Barbara Kahn and Americus Reed about some of the themes of the book.

  • Being effective at business development is essential to career advancement in professional services. However, few of us are taught how.
  • Selling expert services is different than selling a product. Professional services are credence goods. That means the expert is responsible for diagnosing the problem as well as providing the solution.
  • As a consequence, the capacity to cultivate trust is essential in the context of professional services.
  • Not surprisingly, networking is a foundational skill. That said, meaningful relationships require that we be true to our authentic selves.
  • Finally, Doug discussed the virtues of “shrinking the pond.” Focus helps differentiate your marketing message. It also helps develop respect for your work. Furthermore, it enhances your capacity to engage prospective clients over time.

Doug enjoyed his conversation with Barbara and Americus. We think you will, too.


Doug Fletcher on Marketing Matters

by Barbara Kahn and Americus Reed