Let’s Start a Conversation About Business Development

Tom McMakin

Tom McMakin

CEO, Profitable Ideas Exchange

Clients buy professional services based on referrals, relationship, and trust. Let me share what we have learned from our in-depth interviews with leading rainmakers. Let’s start a conversation about driving top-line growth for your practice by improving your firm’s business development capabilities.

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I present an overview of professional services business development best practices based on in-depth interviews with leading rainmakers. The presentation includes an engaging 40-minute talk and 20 minutes of Q&A. Highlights include:

  • How most of what we know about sales does not apply to professional services
  • How thinking about how clients buy is a more productive perspective
  • How “shrinking the pond” and focusing on a niche produces results
  • How to use the Seven Elements framework to support prospects in their journey from a potential buyer to client

Price: $10,000 plus travel
(If your firm’s leadership will meet with me for 1-hour after my presentation and you buy a copy of How Clients Buy for each member of the presentation audience, I’ll be glad to waive my speaking fee.)

I lead a 3.5-hour interactive workshop designed to impart business development best practices. The workshop includes a powerful roundtable discussion based on pre-interviews of each participating executive to ensure the material meets the needs of those attending. Highlights include:

  • The struggles of engaging with potential clients
  • The way clients buy, including the Seven Elements of every engagement
  • The power of niching and narrowcasting—the Law of 200

Price: $16,000 plus travel

I conduct a 6.5-hour interactive workshop to develop business development best practices. Sessions include the regular half-day program plus a second, facilitated roundtable session focused on tactics. The full-day workshop also focuses on the development of customized practice plans including:

  • Statements of practice focus
  • Peer presentation and brainstorm
  • One-year action plan

Price: $25,000 plus travel